Influencer E-Commerce

Do you have embarrassingly brilliant ideas, a solid, loyal social media following, and are just waiting for that somewhat mysterious piece to lock into place?

Think of soEnvy as your would-be marketplace and partner in crime. We can help breathe life into your dazzling schemes to produce concrete results. 

We are a professional full-service team equipped with the tools, resources, expertise, and real-life experience to transform your well-justified popularity and the continual hype you generate into unique e-commerce products that people really want. Did we mention reliable revenue streams? Let us help you generate the sustainable strategy smart enough to finally make it happen. 

soEnvy is a place where relevant products, intelligent marketing, and influencer brands collide, strike a chord, and make magic. Our passion is enabling social media influencers to meaningfully engage in e-commerce: be it product design, development, sourcing, marketing, analysis, inventory management, fulfillment, customer service, or all of the above, we’ve got you covered.